This page outlines some of the projects we wish to happen in the near future. These are projects that we would love to see the open source community contribute to.

Automatic TensorFlow to deeplearn.js

Currently we support dumping weights from a TensorFlow checkpoint into a format that can be imported into deeplearn.js, however the developer must then recreate the model in deeplearn.js and use the weights from that checkpoint.

We plan on building a way to port models directly from TensorFlow to deeplearn.js automatically from a GraphDef.

Eager mode

To train or get gradients, you must use our Graph layer. We will be adding an Eager execution mode in the near term future, similar to TensorFlow Eager.

This will vastly simplify debugging as training will just be a call to NDArrayMath.backward().

Model zoo

We started working on a model zoo, which can be found here. They can be used independently through npm.

We want to see this built out.

Top level math functions

We will be adding math operations at the top level, like this: dl.matMul instead of having to construct NDArrayMath objects directly. This will make code look much cleaner and similar to well-known libraries like TensorFlow and NumPy.

deeplearn.js Canvas (aka Playground)

We recently launched deeplearn.js canvas, which allows you to play with deeplearn.js without having to clone our repository or compile TypeScript.

We will add a button for “saving” soon, so these can be shared. We will also move tutorials over.